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Amazon Advertising: The majorly evolving force behind brand promotions

Need a big box of grocery delivered right at your doorstep? No problem, Amazon is the latest craze that caters all the basic needs to your home with just a click of the button. Amazon has brought to its customers the easiest way to purchase while saving time with amazing discounts. Whether it is your laptop or your smartphone, you can access your favourite brands all on a single platform. This is what makes Amazon one of the most preferred e-commerce websites when it comes to shopping at your leisure time without taking a step out of the house. Amazon advertising services have brought together several brands before the eyes of the potential customers to increase sales making it the next big thing after Google or Facebook advertising services. Here is how Amazon advertising helps new and old business owners create a better brand identity. 1

2-A race to rank higher

1-Amazon has successfully morphed as the new search engineAmazon has changed the traditional shopping behaviors while renovating the advertising factor of retail industries. Amazon first ranked over Google in 2012 in terms of online shopping destination. Now, Amazon is the undisputed leader all over the country along with bagging the tag of top ranking search engine as well as a critical channel used for brand and product discovery. If you are a newly evolving brand, you can use the services of you-are-lucky.io and opt for the Amazon advertising services provided by the company to help your brand scale higher in terms of recognition.

Amazon advertising services are similar to that of Google in terms of ranking. If you want your brand to be successful, you need to have your products ranking among the top results in the Amazon search option. In a recent study it was revealed that more than 55 percent of shoppers opted to look for a product at Amazon rather than any search engine in the year 2016.

With the passing years, the e-commerce giant has removed many unwanted processes required for purchase making it easy for potential leads to turn into customers for a brand. Considering the fact that we are attached with our smartphones given its constant requirement in everyday life, impulsive purchase or instantly remembering to buy something can easily be done via Amazon. Plus with the added involvement of Alexa, we don’t even require our fingers to make a purchase.

3-Growing media involvement

It has been successfully confirmed that the media group by Amazon is effectively growing at a faster pace working towards surpassing the ones at Google or Facebook. To get the benefits of this growing media channel you can opt for the services by you-are-lucky.io for media highlighted brand advertising by Amazon advertising.

If you have not started partnering with the advertising services by Amazon, you need to rethink your advertising strategies and plan again with Amazon as an inclusion for better profits and sales. Always ensure that your brand product ranks among the top results in Amazon search when any user looks for the product you provide.

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