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How to build a conversion funnel to increase your profit

Conversion funnels are one of the most important tools a digital marketing team has at its disposal. It’s a path that potential customers take through your website and that should be concluded with making a sale.

It may seem like a simple concept but setting up one takes a lot of time and organization.  A well-organized funnel that is based on your knowledge of both the customers and your company can increase your profits as much as 450 percent.

Here’s how to do it:

Attracting the customers

Most marketing professionals will tell you that the most important thing to do is to fill the funnel as quickly as possible – in other words, to get as many customers to your website as possible. It may seem like a logical course of action, but it usually just ends up with a lot of inactive users that aren’t really at your site to make a purchase.

Instead, try to think of a particular customer and build a site around their needs and their potential questions. The site should immediately answer the most pressing concerns that someone in need of your services might have. That way those who come to your site have a reason to stay and engage with it.

Call to action

Getting on a site, even the one you’re interested in and reading a wall of text can’t be fun. The site should keep the visitor engaged and separate their action into smaller and easily completable tasks.

This means that simple messages such as “I want to know more” or just “next” should be stapled across your funnel in order to make more interesting and let you know at what point exactly you’ve started losing a customer.

A content plan

The content is the most important part of a sales funnel and possibly the most important part of digital advertising as a whole. It is not just about what you plan to write in advance (although that is important). More to the point content plans should anticipate at what step of the way the customers need a piece of information.

For instance, the first page of your website should point out what kind of services you are offering, but the following pages must get into the specifics as to what makes your services unique and suited to the needs of the particular customer.

Testing is imperative

There’s only one way to know does your funnel is working and that is to put it in front of an actual customer. Letting someone test drive the fuel can provide you with a variety of useful information. The focus should be on what kind of customers are you attracting and when a disconnect immerges if it does

Have in mind that a good test can also provide an opportunity for remarketing. When you know where and how you have lost a customer, you’ll be able to devise a plan for getting them back.

A good conversion funnel can increase your profits significantly. The key to making one is to know who your customers are and how to approach them.



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