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The 2019 beginners guide to sales funnels

It’s long been said that the content creation is the most important part of marketing. The content written in order to promote your products and services should have a goal behind it. Each part of your site needs to be dedicated to moving the customers along until it finally leads them to make a purchase.

Now when more of the customers are tech and internet savvy than ever, this content needs to appeal to them and to be presented as a part of a research the customers themselves are doing about the product. This is where sale funnels come into play.

What are sales funnels?

Sales funnels are a visual representation of the actions you want the customers to follow and complete. It starts with the customers not being aware of your company at all and ends up with them deciding to trust you with their time and money.

A funnel is an appropriate metaphor here due to its shape. It’s wide at the top and it gets narrower toward the end because you’re not going to be able to get all the customers that have heard about you to make a purchase.

The stages of a good funnel

Sales funnels can be separated into stages based on the target demographic they are designed for and most importantly based on how familiar the customers are with your business at which point. The content in each stage needs to reflect these facts.

The first stage is “awareness and it refers to letting the customers know about your company. The second is called “consideration” and it should answer the specific needs of the customers. The final stage is known as “action” and this is where the sales are made.

Why use funnels?

The funnels are a great tool and they are used by businesses of all kinds for one simple reason – they work. That doesn’t mean just that they are bringing in new customers. The funnels work on more ways than that.

The most important thing in a modern business world is to establish relationships with clients and to maintain them throughout your career. The funnels allow you to become a part of the lives of your customers even they don’t make a purchase. Those who don’t aren’t lost for your business forever – they are aware of the company and they can be worked with and persuaded later on.

Getting started

Getting started with creating your own funnel isn’t that difficult once you understand the concept. The key to accomplishing this is to know your customers and to create content based on that knowledge.

It is about more than understanding their personal information and how much they are willing to spend. Sale funnels work best if you keep track of when you’re losing customers and why. That way you can adapt the marketing campaign and make it more effective based on the info the funnels are providing.

Marketing funnels are a simple yet effective tool and companies need to be aware of them and their possibilities.



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